Jim Capisallo

(Source: Lotto Inquirer Newsletter)

Jim Capisallo

Want a completely mechanical –
“No Judgement Call” method used
on virtually all scratch-off games,
including $1, $2, $5 even $10 tickets?

Do You Want A Lot Of Action
And Steady Profit ??

Jim Capisallo
Jim Capisallo

YES !!

Jim Capisallo
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“At Last, A Strong 8.5 Rated System
From the Prestigious Lotto Inquirer Newsletter!”

“This system is quite powerful when applied to the scratch-off games. It is very easy to use as well. The complete spreadsheet, covering the time period in review shows 1,114 games played with 748 winning tickets chosen. The average winning ticket was $14, coupled with a 57% win percentage, we had cumulative average win total of $14 times 748 equal to $10,472.00! The system continues to operate at the present time, and has worked at all games tested between the range of $1 and $10 tickets. In the limited test sample of only 1,114 games, it has proven just as effective to produce significant total profits $10,472.00.”

- Lotto Inquirer Newsletter

“It’s Like Written In Stone”
or simply put ...

The Scratch-Off Profit Flow Can Make You Rich ...
Filthy Dirty Rich ... Why? I’ll Tell You Why!

My system is rated So-High but I’m not surprised ... Here’s Why ...

Think about this ... when you get my powerful new system in your hands and average up to 57% winners, HOLY MOLEY! Do you realize what you’ve got?

Try today’s latest scratch-off tickets or even some of the existing ones. Baby, YOU HIT THE JACKPOT! Do you realize that better than every other ticket you play is a potential WINNER! Not 40%, but 57%.

Yes, by next week you will be holding a Gold Mine in your hands. Do you realize what has been said so far, what has already been documented with the most credible proof in lotto, the Lotto Inquirer Newsletter?

Do you know that this letter addressed to you is truly


I realize it’s hard to believe, but it’s all true. Go ahead and read the excerpt from Lotto Inquirer Newsletter again... then read it again. It will be there today, tomorrow and next year.

Now pinch yourself. It hurts, doesn’t it? It should because


I bet you stay up at night thinking about these simple FACTS.


Now look, I know what you have been through, especially trying to get decent method to play the scratch-offs and start winning consistently. I also know that you are probably bombarded every week with emails and letters promising you the moon... “Make Thousands Daily.” Yeah, sure!!

But honestly ask yourself one question. When was the last time you got something that you could verify? WHEN? IF EVER?

Well, my fellow long lost scratch-off lotto player, take a deep breath and let it out slowly... RELAX, PAL... “cause it’s here... right in front of you!”

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This exciting method coming to you will change your life, and THAT’S A FACT!

My powerhouse method has been real good to me. How good?

Jim Capisallo
  • It’s bought me a new Jaguar automobile!
  • It’s bought me a townhouse at the beach!
  • It’s bought me a Rolex watch!
  • It’s bought me expensive designer clothes!
Jim Capisallo

And it’s bought me the most important thing of all... HEALTH AND HAPPINESS!


Are my customers satisfied? You be the judge. These are excerpts from some of the many testimonials I have received recently from buyers of: “SCRATCH-OFF PROFIT FLOW” ...

Dear Johnny:

I have been putting your profit flow system for the scratch-offs through the paces these Past several weeks and I’m very happy to report back to you that I’ve got nice stack winners thus far my wife wants to cash in for our vacation in a few weeks... This is the best thing I’ve seen in all my 64 years!

Tom H., NC


Hope all is going well with you. This is just a quick note to let you know that I’ve been showing superb profits with your scratcher-off profit flow method! I love the simple rules and lots of action for lots of winning tickets.

Hank B., TX


Remember, my “SCRATCH-OFF PROFIT FLOW” is really easy to use. There is no frustrating judgment calls required. All you do is make a few simple but secret “adjustments.” The rules will also tell you EXACTLY how to select your tickets and how to purchase them. It’s really that easy.

I am offering the “SCRATCH-OFF PROFIT FLOW” for sale to you for the low (almost give-away) fee of only $47.00 plus $3 priority shipping and handling. This will include my iron-clad guarantee of immediate rush-out-the-door shipment to you following receipt of your order, as well as our full 60 day money-back guarantee.

Go ahead, take your time. I know you will be happy. But if for any reason (and I mean ANY reason) you are dissatisfied, just send it back and I’ll rush you a full refund of your fee.


Well the honest truth is ... The sky is the limit. Forget about waiting around & dreaming of pockets full of cash. Now it can become an everyday reality for you!

Winning lots of scratch-off tickets is like getting paid every day – without going to work, or waiting for that tiny retirement check to arrive in the mail!


Oh, I almost forgot... for the really “still unsure folks”... Along with your being among the very first scratch-off players in this country to benefit from this powerful new tool for extracting profits from the formerly frustrating game of playing scratch-off tickets, you will also receive Two (2) POWERFUL NEW SLOTS SYSTEMS absolutely FREE with your order! Again, Get your Two (2) POWERFUL NEW SLOTS SYSTEMS completely FREE with your order if you respond quickly while supplies last!

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“Who Else Would Like To Be The Kind Of Winner That Rakes In Thousands Of Dollars In Profits Time After Time?”

            Are you the kind of person who would be willing to look at an opportunity that can put an end to your money problems immediately? If the answer is yes, then get ready for what may be the most exciting and profitable experience of your life. You will soon possess an extremely powerful money-making system that can bring you financial success almost overnight. And, you will be able to check out this money-making system under a risk-free guarantee.

           It’s time for you to start enjoying the good life that this country offers to those who can afford it. Money can make your dreams come true. Think what it would feel like to walk into a Cadillac dealership and buy their best car on the spot. Hand the salesman $30,000 in cash, all hundred dollar bills. What a great day it would be when you pick out your $500,000 dream house and write a $50,000.00 check for the down payment.

           But maybe the best part of financial success is the personal freedom that goes with it. When you have all the money you need, is there any point in getting up on those cold mornings to sit in frustrating commute traffic on the way to a job you don’t like? Is there any point in taking orders from a boss for low pay when you can make huge amounts of money with your own money system?

           It’s much better to get up each morning and decide what you want to do. If you don’t feel like working, then don’t. Maybe you’d rather go sailing or go to a movie. Or, maybe on an impulse you’ll catch a jet for a resort in Mexico and just spend a few days relaxing in the sun. This is the way life was meant to be lived.

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           You can never have true personal freedom or financial security going to a job. You already know this. The stories of lay-offs, companies going broke or people getting fired after 25 years of faithful service are all too common. There is only one way to have true peace of mind and real security: that is to be able to make money on your own. And, when you can do this, you will learn that being your own person feels wonderful. It’s a feeling no one who is a wage-slave will ever know.

           Sure, it makes sense to warn someone against taking a dangerous risk. But what’s the risk here? If you tried to get into a well known money-making franchise, you would be asked to risk about $125,000.00 of your own money. I you had that kind of money. Some smaller investments you might get into with only $20,000.00 or $30,000.00 at risk. This system costs just $47 and even that small amount is protected by our absolute money-back guarantee. If you don’t show thousands of dollars in profits it won’t cost you anything. This is truly a risk-free guarantee.

            The day you receive this money-making system will be turning point in your life. Your enthusiasm will grow as you learn how the system works and start to understand its secrets. You will see how logical the concepts are. It just makes sense. But the real excitement begins when you start to test the system yourself. Now you can actually see the profits coming in. At first, you may wonder if you’re just hitting a lucky run. But the profits can keep coming. Thousands of dollars in profits – time and time again. Finally, you will be convinced. It will be impossible to deny. The proof will be your proof. You will see it for yourself. You will now realize that you possess an extremely powerful money-making system. From this moment on your money worries can be over.

            Don’t delay – not even for one day. Place your order now. If you set this letter down without ordering, this opportunity may never be available to you again. You may never know how great it feels being your own person and living every day on your terms. You may never know how great it feels to own a magnificent home in the best neighborhood and to drive the finest luxury cars. You may never know how great it feels to be financially independent and totally free of money worries. Act now, send you order in right away. It would be a shame if you missed out on this opportunity.


With All Orders Received Quickly While Supplies Last! You Will Also Get…


Haven’t got much time today to play in the casino? Need a quick couple $$ Hundred Dollars $$ fast?
I’m going to show you a way to grab a fast $250 to $475 in about 5 to 10 minutes of slot play!
And it’s easy as 1….2….3….HONEST!!

P.S. You owe it to yourself to have and hold this wonderful information. Please believe that your order is ready to go. We take pride in our “No Delay, Fast Out The Door” delivery and also our rock-solid 60-day guarantee policy!

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